USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, April 15, 2020

Panelist: Stanley Iezman | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Realty Advisors

Panelist: Rachel Elias Wein | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WeinPlus

Panelist: David B. Dollinger | Principal, Dollinger Properties

Resources: American Realty Advisors | WeinPlus | Dollinger Properties

Richard Green moderates a panel of real estate industry leaders on what’s happening in today’s commercial real estate market and how to best navigate tough times with commercial tenants during COVID-19. Stanley Iezman, Rachel Elias Wein, and David B. Dollinger weigh in on what they’re seeing in industrial, retail, and office properties. What can tenants do who are seeing revenues drop dramatically? What options are available when negotiating debts for an unknown length of time? In addition to considering a variety of questions, the expert panel offers insights for what may be coming next for the industry.

Highlights: 3:12 min 

Full Presentation: 53 min

Rachel Elias Wein

Rachel Elias Wein is CEO & Founder of WeinPlus. Focused on the impact of consumer change on commercial real estate, Rachel serves as the principal strategic advisor for industry-leading owners and operators of commercial real estate. Additionally, Rachel is an independent director for Alpine Income Property Trust (NYSE: PINE) a net-lease retail REIT.