Commercial Real Estate Strategy

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Commercial Real Estate Strategy

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We offer an unparalleled breadth of proven expertise in the commercial real estate industry. With a vast collaborative network and a nimble, empathetic team, we provide our partners with best in class strategic insights. We collaborate with executive leadership to identify and implement data-driven, portfolio-wide improvements that are adaptable to future needs. WeinPlus has a proven track record of uncovering and capitalizing on opportunities for growth, bolstering clients’ agility, strengthening cross-functional coordination and promoting innovation.



“Rachel has an unmatched level of expertise across the industry. She ensures that we move with speed that matters; in a thoughtful way that balances outside perspective with the unique needs of the internal team. She challenges the status quo to ensure large, established companies like Kroger are uncovering the best opportunities to maximize customer value.”

Nick HodgeVP Corporate Real Estate, The Kroger Co

“We were looking for someone with extensive national exposure to bring us a fresh, unbiased view of our marketplace and portfolio opportunities. Rachel guides us as we seek to be both unique and best-in-class; balancing business success with our deep community ties and cultural values.”

Walter ThoemmesManaging Director, Commercial Real Estate

“Smart, dedicated, professional and proven, Rachel immediately feels part of our team, a partner not a consultant.”

Jeff ChamberlainSenior Vice President, Publix

“Rachel is constantly on the cutting edge, thinking about what’s changing in our industry and how we can adapt to drive outsized performance. She pinpoints the most critical strategic needs and makes it happen, bridging the strategy-execution gap.”

Andrea DrasitesManaging Director, Blackstone

Strategic Insights

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