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For over a decade our approach has supported dozens of industry-leading organizations. We work alongside large, small, public and private companies with proven success developing and executing enterprise-wide strategy.


Supportive of culture and enhancing the bottom line, we partner with leadership to address the rapidly changing consumer economy. Whether rethinking consumer trends, analog-to-digital change, micro and macro-fulfillment or supply chain transformation, we focus on mission-critical needs that produce measurable results.


We work collaboratively as both an operator and a trusted advisor, shoulder to shoulder with the executive team, and the results speak for themselves. Transparent, committed partnership is fundamental to our relationships with institutional owners and operators throughout the industry.

Where are we today, how did we get here and what’s holding us back? We dive deep with interviews and data analytics to get a complete view.

We aren't limited by what's always been done. We orient internal observations with the broader industry as well as adjacent industries for context and inspiration.

We'll never have all the data we want, but by now we have enough of what we need to decide on the best course for strategic action.

We flip the switch, testing and learning as we go. We keep what works and adjust where needed in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Rachel is constantly on the cutting edge, thinking about what’s changing in our industry and how we can adapt to drive outsized performance. She pinpoints the most critical strategic needs and makes it happen, bridging the strategy-execution gap.

Andrea DrasitesManaging Director, Blackstone

Rachel has an unmatched level of expertise across the industry. She ensures that we move with speed that matters; in a thoughtful way that balances outside perspective with the unique needs of the internal team. She challenges the status quo to ensure large, established companies like Kroger are uncovering the best opportunities to maximize customer value.

Nick HodgeVP Corporate Real Estate, The Kroger Co

Rachel brings together the many facets of the real estate ecosystem, from finance and development to the retailer's perspective. She brings a partnership mentality and intellectual honesty, collaborating as a member of the team to understand where we're coming from and where we need to go. She has a unique ability to diagnose a situation and unlock value.

Chris NobleDivisional Vice President, Real Estate, Walgreens

Smart, dedicated, professional and proven, Rachel immediately feels part of our team, a partner not a consultant.

Jeff ChamberlainSenior Vice President, Publix

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