We’re just back from the Urban Land Institute’s Fall Meeting in San Francisco. A special thank you to the CRC Silver Council for inviting Rachel to speak on Transitions in Retail. One of our themes was that identifying and adapting to trends is especially difficult for market leaders, who are heavily invested in the status quo. Market leaders compete by being better at what everyone else is doing right now — the goal is incremental improvement. They’re less likely to take a step back and pose the larger questions that can lead to exponential improvement. Other insights can be found in our Grocery: Interrupted article below.

Rachel Elias Wein

Rachel Elias Wein founded WeinPlus, a strategy and management consultancy focused exclusively on retail and real estate organizations, in 2008. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and an experienced development executive, Ms. Wein serves as the principal strategic advisor for industry-leading public and private real estate owners, a top-tier grocery retailer, as well as several boutique real estate firms nationwide.

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