St. Petersburg Consultant Focuses Management Techniques Honed at Motorola, Toyota to Improve Quality, Cut Costs of Real Estate Development

Sophisticated management techniques perfected at Google, Toyota, Ford and Motorola are helping Florida real estate developers cut costs, improve their delivery schedule and develop higher quality facilities for corporate and retail clients. Rachel Elias Wein AIA, who heads WeinPlus Real Estate Advisory Services in St. Petersburg, said she focuses techniques that power the world’s most […]

WeinPlus Real Estate Advisory Services Marks $3 Million in Savings For Client Companies Over Past 18 Months

With a nationwide recession that has centered on the real estate market, commercial property owners are looking hard at ways to reduce costs. That’s a big plus for WeinPlus, the Real Estate Advisory Services company headed by architect and development consultant Rachel Elias Wein, AIA of St. Petersburg. Wein, former development manager with the Sembler […]