NYC Retail, July 2017

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  Overall Takeaways: The number of legitimate retail corridors in NYC has ballooned. It used to be that you needed a 5th Avenue store to kick off your US expansion, now there are several areas that can work, but we saw a large concentration of new concepts, first US location or first-time-physical locations clustered in […]

Amazon Effect


By Joel Groover SCT Magazine May, 2017 Speculation about the real estate role of is growing as more information emerges about its closely held plans for U.S. stores. In metro Houston, to cite one market, brokers watch the local headlines for scoops on the Amazon rollout, and they tend to share any tidbits they […]

Restraint works, just ask J.C. Penney


When people think about strategy, they often ask what should we do? But it’s just as important to inquire in the other direction: what should we stop doing? This can help you ferret out investments of time, energy and money that fail to add value to your core customers. The recent history of J.C. Penney […]

J.C. Penney, Spam and more


This month we say take a closer look at how Marvin Ellison has focused his turnaround of J.C. Penney on what they’re Not doing. The punchline — it’s working.  We hope everyone had a great summer and is settling into the new school year and Fall. We’ve been crisscrossing the country between our work in Florida […]