Rachel’s “research” trip to Polaroid Fotobar

My travels sometimes leave me with time to perform much needed industry research. While it’s a thankless job, it really is the best way to learn about new concepts and breakthrough stars. Below you can see what I think about the new Polaroid Fotobar which has five locations, four in Florida and one in Las […]

ATCO, Aritzia, Aroma and more alliteration

We’re excited to welcome ATCO to the WeinPlus family. For over eight decades, ATCO has owned, managed, and developed a diverse real estate portfolio, primarily in and around New York City, and provided a range of services to other real estate owners. The company is in its fourth generation of family ownership, and ATCO presently […]

RECON Roundup

Our blisters have finally healed from the foot apocalypse that is ICSC’s RECON. For those unfamiliar, it’s a gathering of your closest 50,000 friends to discuss all things retail dealmaking. A welcome change from last year were expansion plans from retailers, (finally) new developments on the horizon and talk of more balanced lease terms. On […]